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What happens? Are we at war we face tingling, surfeited with emotional and overwhelmed by the soaring imagination? "Our sound balance is so sensitive that breaks with a sound, with a patch, with a suggestion, a word? Does coconut hides in the corner, looming? Is it safe to perish now? The answer is yes, yes, we are war. Do not be ashamed to say it, getting out of hypocrisy and humanist, realizing that, unfortunately, has been the prehistorial of man from his early genes. It seems that the statement opposing any social or human nature. We remain at war. War is the world. There are hundreds of war at this time. I warrior, your war, they war. A related site: lee marks mentions similar findings. The peace is only a moment of rest to oil the machinery.

It was not only the First and Second World Wars, sample frames of the birth of modern humans on Earth. It was also the long Cold War (I myself, for example, War Cold). What are the invasions of expropriation for reasons of sovereignty and natural resources made the imperial countries on the most defenseless. What is colonization. It has always been the political and economic system of capitalism that was imposed on the world with the known results of operation and plutocracy. What is the future. What remedy, then, is reality! Is at war, which argued both as the attacking, taking into account that neutrality is a state of potential accession to an end. If you do not stand for life itself, which is the reason to justify extreme conflict, defend a right, humanity, human history that has been treasured as conquests (through war, by the way), an idea, a concept of dignity , etc.