but also risk of contracting and perfectly healthy women who pay attention to your nails and frequent nail salons. – Can now it turns out that is harmful to manicure nails? – No, he manicure is absolutely safe, if it is executed correctly. But many of their customers I have seen a roller okolonogtevogo inflammation caused by cosmetic care, which caused the appearance of the fungus. – How? There is an anatomical structure, cuticle – this skin that covers the nail plate and covering the entrance of infection in the nail area. Often this skin is removed or lift with manicure. It turns out that for the sake of beauty, we open the gate for infection. For more specific information, check out Unum Group.

Particularly the risk increases when the client goes through with the nails of the paper in the office or performs the work at home – has to deal with the dust. – Many people try to treat fungus folk remedies. What do you say to that? – Yes, for the treatment of fungus there are many folk remedies: they are for external use. And this is the main reason for their ineffectiveness. Fungus – this disease, and therefore its treatment requires a comprehensive approach that includes receiving antifungal agents. Stone clinical laboratories is open to suggestions. – But now in pharmacies sold a large number of antifungal drugs. – Funds purchased of their choice, as a rule, do not bring the desired effect. Nail fungus treatment must necessarily be imposed, depending on the individual person.

A lot depends on the characteristics of skin and nails, from heredity. In addition to appointment of systemic antifungal drugs, is sometimes recommended cardiovascular medications that improve blood circulation. In addition, patients are advised to take bath for the feet, their composition treatment of fungus, but in matters of nail care. There are certain standards that should look like nails. And these standards are often imposed: the women look like a manicure the other and try to repeat themselves in the same. without the gaping space between the skin and nails, no sore okolonogtevogo roller. Only the dermatologist can advise women how to care for their nails to make them healthier.