Fabola Mariana

The main physical characteristic aspects are: described brachycephaly with achatamento of the occipital region, round face with presence of palpebrais cracks (for it are and top) and epicnicas folds; eyes presenting spots of Brushfield of the edge of the Iris and have around taken convergent estrabismo, nose small with the flattened tip, mouth and small teeth, language protusa, pparently great with presence of ridges, small ears with low implantation, the eyes, the nose and the mouth are next than the normal one. (GONZALEZ, 2002; PUESCHEL, 1993) cited for Dborah Maroja. ‘ ‘ The term ‘ ‘ sndrome’ ‘ it more comumente constitutes a combination of resultant symptoms of an only alteration or comumente in set, constituting a clinical figure distinta’ ‘. (BOTTOMLEY, Jennifer M, 2003). The Syndrome of Down (SD) if constitutes in a factor of genetic anomaly characterized by the presence of an additional chromosome 21, that is, it are of normalities of the human being, being thus also known as trissomia of the 21, on account of this syndrome the carrying individual possesss specific physical and mental characteristics, and some global ones thus facilitating the diagnosis of the syndrome. ‘ ‘ This syndrome is considered one of the most frequent anomalies of the autossmicos chromosomes and represents the oldest cause of retardation mental’ ‘.

(GONALVES, 2003) cited for Dborah Maroja. The evidentes mental characteristics, that is, more frequent vary since a delay of the neuropsicomotor development in the lesser children until a mental retardation in bigger children. Literature points that the picture of mental deficiency is serious, therefore is since 80% of the children have low QI, between 25 and 30. These alterations frequently gifts in these children can be disclosed functionally, thus being able to intervene with the capacity of the same ones to play of independent form, the activities and tasks of known the daily routine the AVDs.