Europe Rules

How many there are – all the while hunted, but that they would not disappear! There is in this and some romance, and hence the appeal. Due to this motion without unifying center and clear rules still grows and lives. Perhaps the only restriction in this hobby is follow the general rules of morality, and some have rules for decades. This Radiopirat never be under his call sign like 'Maple' or 'Barmalej' work on the amateur band, and even more so give a call at the frequency of rescue. Currently, any measures to detect illegal transmitters operating at medium and short waves of almost not being: the Navy, these frequencies are rarely used, the system Agriculture mw / sw communication does not exist exactly as long as there is no Soviet Union itself, and radio-busier for unauthorized telephone extension cords, working in the vhf. Abroad, too, there is concept – radiopirat, but they, unlike our radiohuliganov, emphasis on broadcasting and no radio.

It should be noted that in Europe and the U.S. Further details can be found at Alfred Adler, an internet resource. radiopiraty have better equipment, mostly brand amateur and professional transceivers. Many of them are familiar with and periodically communicate via email. There are also joint activities: for example, operators of such stations agree among themselves and on some pre-selected frequency alternately included in the transmission, broadcast as a rule of contemporary music, one station is working on the transfer of two or three hours, after which it picks up the baton to another, etc. And the whole day at that frequency can hear the pirate station! But I must say that we have at all times, illegal broadcasting also has not been overlooked. Of 'organ-grinders' I've written periodically appeared and there piracy radio stations in the vhf range, attempts were made, and TV-broadcasting.

The range of these transmitters is limited (because of the propagation VHF) in one municipality. But sometimes you can hear and 'long range' pirate HF-band. It only remains to recall that radiohuliganstvo – administrative and professional offense. Punishable by a fine of 10 to 1000 times the minimum wage or imprisonment of up to 6 months.