Envy Kills?

Already Shakespeare said: ' ' the words can be full of falseness or art, the eyes are the language of corao' '. , The words never really are what they want to say. They are always beyond what the ears can catch. Filed under: James A. Levine, M.D.. Everything that we launch to the wind, it returns in them. I impress myself with the capacity that some people has to dicimular and to dissimulate. Saying things that do not feel, smiling for who they hate The most impressive is that when we look in the eyes of this type of ' ' gente' ' we see its true face, and what each word its really wants to say. It is for this type that I dedicate my time writing. It is for they hate that me that I offer to each victory and each joy.

Because those for who are benditos the envious ones launch its looks, because what plus them they covet, never they teram: ITS SOUL. It swims it will steal what you feel to them, or it knows. This is ITS, solely its. Therefore, if this text to serve to them for some thing, remembers these words: It dedicates its time in acquiring knowledge, and not in playing it are with who does not deserve at least its look.