Cooking Maid

If you want your home was in perfect condition, but the household chores you do not have the time and effort, you can not do without the help of a qualified housekeeper or maid. Housekeeping duties: Cleaning (General, maintenance); Laundry: machines, manual (depending on the requirements of the employer), ironing (clothes, bed linens) Seasonal cleaning windows (by arrangement) Execution of orders on the conduct of household (things to the dry cleaners, buying food, medicines, paying bills, etc.) Cooking (by arrangement with the employer), dog-walking (by arrangement with the employer). Contain a household in good order – a complex and time-consuming task. And so it turns out, that is not always enough and you have the time and effort to have time to clean house or apartment. Gain insight and clarity with Tony Ferguson. Especially if his (her) area quite serious. In this case, you may need such services to home staff, as a housekeeper or maid. In general, an assistant to the house are divided into three main professions: a maid, housekeeper, maid.

Housekeeper – is a professional generalist, which can produce a complete cleaning of your home, do some errands (go shopping, water the flowers, take out the trash, do laundry and ironing, take care for pets, wash dishes, but if it is stipulated contracts, and prepare a meal). Age maid begging depending on the preferences of the employer. For people aged, housekeeper – is not only servants, but also a companion with whom you can talk about life over a cup of tea. Typically, this is quite an intelligent woman after 30 years.