Comparative Law

Who praises you in your presence you censorship in your absence. Proverb Toscazo to right and even for graduates, who studied is topic is very important in upgrading and the progress that our law plays with respect to other advanced countries. Without pretending to be an expert in the subject, we shall confine ourselves to point out some aspects that are significant in the continuous review to be performed on this field in order to update the existing law governing us. To this is added the concern noted by some law students of our University, which considered that some chairs are anchored with the passage of time, product of lack of teachers fully identified with the role that such a task demand, as is the update their knowledge and not repeating what other generations have contributed. In other words, in law, the new generation comes forged without that preparation and fundamental basic responsibility, such as university education. What does thinking and worrying about responsible for this faculty than students the graduating today, is not solid knowledge that are acquired, but by other irregularities that worry you, especially before a country that lifeless many regulations, laws with which it has been operating for years with the new Government which has initiated a revolutionary process, with tendencies towards socialism. Taken into account as quoted Dr.

Zweigert, University of Hamburg, that on the European continent, if there has been a drive sobrenacional in law and jurisprudence, while the Roman law, as law that rests on a global platform, i.e., with global, was the essential source of all law. This was a second European unit of own ways in the English sector, the Common Law of England and the U.S., different from the right to drive, since American law escaped, in large measure, on the influence of Roman law. Since then, this unit of the science of law in the Anglo-American world has been preserved essentially up to the present.