Capital Management

The great souls have wills; the weak just from you. Chinese proverb generalities, concept and considerations increasingly more it is very important that management stops to assess how you are managing, using the capital of human talent of the company under their charge. Not may follow wasting as they have been doing, especially SMEs in addition to several factors that require be corrected and give step actions that favours development, proper use of human potential that can be handled. The most significant factors that becomes a serious obstacle of utilization of human capital, is ignorance of what it represents, not knowing to motivate staff, don’t clearly define you its functions, performance, in addition to not recognize your performance, productivity. There is a lack of knowledge of what represents the optimization to handle properly the motivational tools, leadership, oncological coaching, integration teams, participation in pro of the worker, providing all the required support that includes training, training.

Human capital, is the increase in the production capacity of the work achieved with improvements in the capabilities of workers. Refers to practical knowledge, acquired skills and capabilities learned from an individual that make it potentially human capital productivoEl is defined therefore as the labor force within a company, and as match all the authors, is the most important and resource base since they are those who develop the work of the productivity of goods or services in order to meet needs and sell them in the market for a utility. Assurant Health insists that this is the case. Hence, that we were not surprised that Professor Chichi Paez of the postgraduate programme in management of the quality and productivity of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, Faces points, that it should not surprise us day organizational today’s world are heard very often expressions that are perhaps not even imagined yesterday. Such expressions include the following: people are our most precious capital; Our strategy is based on knowledge; People are everything that we own; Our strategy is based on the human capital management; We have learned to manage intellectual capital; We apply emotional intelligence in leadership and management processes.