There are ample references to the use of cannabis as a medicinal plant, the first documented historical accounts dating from 2737 BC. Many scientists, doctors and Dioscorides and even the Galen used cannabis since the beginning of medicine.”Only the dose makes the poison becomes something,” says Paracelsus, the alchemist, chemical plants and knows more of the story. Also Hippocrates, the father of medicine recommended by the suction of the smoke from certain plants to certain diseases . Today, however, advanced, self-sufficient technological and I century man forgets the wisdom of Paracelsus and, led by extreme and irrational rationality, classify and label the world, and even nature as good or bad, beneficial or harmful. And Cannabis is a good example of this. Currently, prohibitionist policies prevent the normal development of the study of this substance, putting all kinds of legal obstacles.In this section we want to go hang reading those documents which we consider important to meet the need for more information on the proper use of cannabis, both for those who have decided to use cannabis for therapeutic use and for those medical professionals who need a database easily accessible. All information contained in this section is solely intended for the information for proper use of Cannabis. Such information can never substitute for the advice, diagnosis, indication or professional advice of a qualified physician. Remember the importance of consulting with your physician and / or Pharmacist. For the medical professionals who visit our Web earnestly they make a plea to not be intimidated by the pressure of prohibition and towards ultimate benefit of their patients instigate, support and collaborate in the study of Cannabis.Also, please let a few minutes of your precious time to read our open letter to doctors and medical staff Marijuana.