Bombstico Illnesses

BOMBSTICO Another day I observed a square of aspect neglecter; trunks of trees in the soil, garbage and papers spread, what more it called the attention, however, it was the amount of pigeons. Passer-bys pigeons they shared spaces in the lunch schedule, the difference is that, the passers-by directed it the local restaurants to make its meals, to the step that the pigeons were served and saciavam the hunger in the square there. The birds festejavam the slap-up meal, that was gratis, came of the food leftovers launched in the soil. It was the time where to feed pigeons in the square it was a pleasant leisure. The pigeon, bird symbol of the peace, subject of music and poetry is one of the transmitting greaters of urban illnesses that exist. It flies of a roof to the other, finds in the places garbage remaining portions than more satisfactory. The population it contributes for multiplication of these birds when they offer propitious conditions for its permanence. Exactly in the condition of urban plague, it does not leave of being admirable free flight of the pigeons. However, it is preferable to drive away them, preventing illnesses or the bath bombstico of its excrements.