Beauty Salon

And the exotic wellness treatments will please even the most capricious ladies. In the most important holiday for women – a wedding – a special cosmetic "Package Bride" takes care of all the nuances. Enough pre-select a convenient time to visit. Indeed, some of the steps necessary to prepare for 2-3 days before the ceremony (depilation, manicure, pedicure, trial version of hairstyles and makeup). Such a wedding gift to a beloved woman help her, feeling the perfection vyporhnut towards your happiness. Dear husband! Do not forget to give gifts after the wedding, preferably without reason.

Even now, of course, brides, wives and loved ones and your mums children. If you want to please their loved ones and family with something delicious, then a spa package "Golden luxury" as a gift for any woman is just what you need. After all, gold has powerful rejuvenating properties, and a special massage face and body with oils containing 24-carat gold, has a truly unique effect on a woman's body. Manicures, pedicures and hair care to provide a feeling of luxurious top of bliss. Women also can make stunning gifts! Having the experience and taste in bringing beauty, they can choose a set of services or to provide that choice friend.

You can make the company the birthday girl or bride to arrange an unforgettable party before the wedding! All this is available if you draw an individual gift card. To do this you need to come to the salon, where you can always consult a specialist, ask all necessary questions and be sure that this gift the bride will remember for a very long time! Gift unpredictable and independent women reported to have an element of choice, these women enjoy more designed for a certain amount certificate giving them complete freedom, depending on your mood, emerging needs and desires. Whether it's daily manicure, massage or haircut holiday after a busy day. Inside, you can also suggest how best to combine these or other procedures, it is best suited in each case, as well as surprising novelties of the season. Beauty Salon and Spa Studio