Andreas Hammerschmidt

Stars & stories are on radio VHR with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz in the latest issue of the “stars & stories” with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR this week in the interview Andreas Hammerschmidt, Nicole Blum and Gitte Haenning. No less than successful producer Michael Dorth is the first solo single “when the morning comes” the ex-wild heart stars Andreas Hammerschmidt produced. “When the morning comes” is there as a radio edit and as a single Fox mix and thus the radio and other media promotion started DJ-promotion of the end of September and beginning of October. Endocrinologist is actively involved in the matter. The 19.11.2010 is then release the 2-track CD. It’s been two years now that the album “Definitely” Wilde Herzen DA music duo was released in September 2008. The resulting coupled radio and DJ singles such as “1,000 lies”, “through the night” or “Summertime” were able to convince the pop fans. Still absolutely danceable, but deliberately yet emotional, is Andreas Hammerschmidt now as a soloist.

The great emotions are the ones that move us in life and that’s what Andreas sings Hammerschmidt. The manuscript of his producer Michael Dorth ensures that the heart and the dance floors alike into movement. Maybe it’s something like the biggest musical surprise of 2010. The new album by Gitte Haenning “what you want” (release date: 19.11.2010). It will bring all the great hits of the versatile artist, who is now over 50 years on stage, at the present time sound as culturally. “What you want” is a work full of apparent contradictions, that fit together like a puzzle to a brilliant whole.

“I have the album ‘ called what you wanted, because it presents the older hits me in completely new versions except of four new songs.” The album “what you want” connects many creative and artistic facets of Gitte Haennings, is a mirror of their soul, their dreams, many talents and also their poetry. It is therefore also a Musikgewordenes of “what I want” this great artist. The present recordings confirms this credo in diverse ways. Nicole Blum is young, pretty with blond hair and big sky blue eyes, with a fresh and expressive voice, naturally, charming and self-assured. An unknown in the German Schlager scene is no longer: she released their first album “Enjoy life” 2004 by her previous stage name Nicole de Marco and imagined a wide audience with different TV shows. The passion and love of music were laid already her in the cradle, especially since her father as a musician is working. He was also, who recognized her talent and always supported her wish to a singing career and promoted.