What Is An Entrepreneur

It is common to use the term entrepreneur to designate a person who creates a business or finding a business opportunity, or someone who starts a project by his own enthusiasm. “Wikipedia asked a few people, other words to describe the word ENTREPRENEURS, and the most frequently mentioned are: innovative, flexible, dynamic, risk taking, creative, growth-oriented, successful, hardworking, capable of starting and operating new businesses, integral, that leaves a mark, dedicated people who are alert, are constant , I like challenges, they believe in their ideas with energy, delivered to what they are doing. Importantly, they have self-esteem, which is transformed into the magical power of having confidence in themselves and in their own abilities and capabilities. The results will be achieved through focus and sustained effort. They concentrate on achieving the goal to reach, not just a few tasks. They know that there is always a risk of loss inherent in the process of meeting their goals, even have the confidence to take calculated risks and reach their goals. Entrepreneurs are people who make decisions, take action, and believe they can control their own destiny.

They are often motivated by a spirit of independence which leads them to believe that success depends on your effort and hard work, not luck. Looking for economic independence and human development. Let ENTREPRENEURS! Develop the strengths that we have seen, and go to our ideas and dreams, keep a positive thought, which is what opens the doors to success. Executives, not to remain in thought must go into action. And we persevere, to be the best entrepreneurs. The author SALES IN TIMES OF CRISIS, is characterized by being at the forefront of techniques and processes of successful sales. Maintains ongoing communication, to respond to the concerns.