Gypsy tarot minor arcana have an energy that complements and gives meaning to the major arcana. The swords series reflects an extremely powerful energy, with various nuances according to the letter of the of concerned. In the right hands, the sword is a powerful weapon that serves justice and strengthens the authority. But, be careful. All swords have a double edged sword, so that it is necessary that whom fencing has the wisdom to put that energy to the service of laudable purposes. The ACE of Spades is perhaps the Charter where this duality reflected more patently.

The carrier will determine if it will handle guided by truth and justice, or the anger and aggression. This duality is increased with the two of swords. Represents a delicate balance between two forces, a latent conflict, where no party has a clear advantage. These two parts can represent good and evil, love and hate, the truth and the lie. It is a situation where the peace is deceptive because it is synonymous with inaction. The emotional calamity will come with three of swords. Anything lighter than a heart pierced by three swords, with all the drama and the pain that this implies.

Logic predominates over the heart. But again this useful lesson not save him suffering consultant. Act against our feelings can be more advised, however it is not a decision devoid of pain. Perhaps one of the decks causing more sadness to be contemplated is the four of swords. Speaks to us of the rest of the Warrior, but it is inevitable to associate it with the death of the paladin. It is a letter usually referred to the positive aspects of the peace and mental clarity. To broaden your perception, visit patrick smith. The challenge is to remain silent. The five of swords also refers to a conflict, and as it is dominant in this palo, war and the physical confrontation are not absent. When this deck usually appears it means that the consultant is defeated, ripped off. They have earned it, but perhaps it has not been a fair fight. The ethics of victory is questioned. Becomes the solution in the hands of the six of swords. Who flees a problematic situation in search of a better future, maybe don’t do it by cowardice, but by intelligence. This is the lesson that the Gypsy tarot leaves us: is necessary, sometimes, escape from the turbulent waters of our emotions.