The Body

No group is not practiced. And imagine imagine if all this add and workout at the gym? Thus, the study again and again confirms that high-protein diet allows you to keep the dry weight of the body and inhibit fat storage. In addition, you get better saturation and enhanced thermogenesis (energy expenditure for heat), but most importantly – a healthy change in body composition in order to maintain a higher metabolic rate, even If you move a little. Consider all of the above, the question arises: Why not feed on high protein umerennouglevodnomu plan all the time? If the proteins are so well saturated – and therefore do not need to starve – and while not harmful, but very even and improve it, and figure out, burning fat and preserving muscle, let the moderate carbohydrate, high protein diet will become your regular eating patterns. And if we add more and a couple of strength training a week, then the process will go faster, and health benefits only increase. Well, let's say you decide to try to implement all this in practice. What should I do? 1. Start training with weights and on simulators.

Two power sessions per week lasting an hour each would be enough for you to start. At each strength training try to work a bit more than the first, ie, small steps increase the weight Encumbrances. If your fitness club is a group aerobic classes, you can incorporate into your schedule two aerobic workouts between the security forces.