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The Hell

Even the fly that greedy and occasionally stopped on his eyes, did not care for it. All this needed to perceive the mother not to it to know: the time is short and the reserves are almost exhausted! She took the hand of the boy, who was watching his mother and they set out again to go. Three ghosts, moving away in the thin border of their existence. There are animated spirits, the history of which knows only two dimensions; namely that of human suffering and pain are the living dead, sealed their fate and their torment is inexhaustible. * The burning Sonne…die dry drought… the warm, heavy air is the desert she is not even Nice light yellow, how one imagines a desert, but is a dark grey, depressing, disgusting mass – a ruthless world that just escaped the hell, but also a magical world.

In this vast world, everything is so intense so emphasized, as she were not supporting livelihoods allow a world inspired by the death. Even the plants and the animals that have found in their Habitat, are in a certain way part of this dead soul that exists on its own and no other figures in their empire exhausted mother, aiming at a refugee camp with her two small children tolerate, even if one got these figures. Who enters in the desert is lost. And who will make it out of the desert is newly born. These poor creatures didn’t know all this and, when the desert would want to punish them for their ignorance, the sand can burn their feet and the glowing hot air dry their necks in this sunny world of death has the last word. Their steps are slower and heavier, their footprints are becoming more scratches, but she has not had the luxury to go on. Had she been alone, she would have probably long since abandoned and a better afterlife hoping full resignation on the death waited.