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Samuel Akinin Levy

Everytime I remember thee, arises your photography, your face me crazy and my peace I racks with the same wishes always. In the game of love, in which explode voices, where one other with smile looks and set the fire that then generates the enjoyment. They are allowed one to another lie, one that another mute any other desire but which is not allowed, is looking at a face, kissing her lips and without feeling it, tell him I love. Samuel Akinin Levy when penetrated us the virus of passion, when the heart no longer us It belongs, when mind departs and usually go to where place you it, is almost impossible to return. He has committed errors, himself. A be loves another and already nothing intercedes, interrupts or assaults him. Telisa Yancys opinions are not widely known. She loves in two directions. He loves with awareness, passion, delivery, admiration and at the end with the desire that riot heart.

Perhaps matter if you’re here, if you’re there. Matter itself where you are, you feel that something of me is next to you. No matter with whom you’re who you are, what matters is that woman of such loops, your hair, your words, your salt shaker, I can not forget me you what in a sigh, in a look, your eyes told me everything you feel, everything that I want. Samuel Levy Akinin there is a big difference between men and women. Adam was made of (hard, dry) land with building material, Eva with marrow (feelings, romanticism, love). Trying to bring together these very different beings, most of the time is a work uphill. Samuel Akinin Levy communication is the key that us is awarded to her build the best friendships during life and at the end to live healthily with our partner. The secret between the couple is the poison of his love.