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Every woman wants to be a desirable and attractive. Someone generously endowed nature, someone – give a wide field to search for and create the ideal image. One way or another, every one of us once stared at his reflection in the mirror, skeptical about yourself. One of the eyes are not satisfied or their size, the other complains about a big nose, a third unhappy that her lips are sensual enough, but someone altogether displeased with the face shape or line of the chin. Click Bobby Green to learn more. At first glance, the situation is hopeless, because the natural data do not argue. But before you ask for help from a plastic surgeon, think – is it your face is so ugly? Even without seeing your person can answer – it is beautiful, like everything that has been created by nature.

And, of course, every woman's face should have its own design, which depends on the shape of the face. A woman called because a woman – in her arsenal is many recipes, tricks, gimmicks … For more specific information, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. This woman can make their extra weight advantage. It may be advantageous to present its face, masterfully using the appropriate style her hair and makeup, art placing color accents your look. It can hide some of the features of the face and shape so that they never noticed any surrounding or beloved man near. The main thing on the face is not perfect symmetry and proportions that are tends to give a sense of the doll looks, but rather a harmonious combination of all traits, because there is harmony and true beauty. More information is housed here: James A. Levine, M.D..

Stem Cell Research

In our time, the study aimed to stem cell research, not allowed in all European countries. Fault here – the constitution of many states that do not accept this kind of scientific experiments. None less direct stem cells make it possible to solve almost all problems with the state of the organism. Whenever Aflac listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Stem cells are known to represent the stunning "building blocks" for almost all cells and human components. It is clear that in a few years of human stem cells will actually grow the whole cells and tissues in place of lost or damaged.

However, today many doctors are already use stem cells to treat many diseases, from cancer to damage caused by trauma, and even to rejuvenate the organs. Just need to know where exactly this kind of service offered. We can assume that extremely high level of these services offer a clinic in Switzerland. This unremarkable and unnoticed, mountainous country known not only for its chronometers and cheese, but in addition to, and medical companies. It predictable – when other states aiming to war and other destructive pastime, proud country has been keen to strengthen its economy, reasonably believing that in a situation where the customer has something to do, then he would not do stupid things. For many centuries, Swiss citizens stepping up high-end technologies, considering that for them the future.

And this is life in the case. But when the Japanese, who have chosen the same position at the end of the defeat in World War II, have engaged in electronics, the mountainous country began to develop the scope of health services and banks. It should be noted that the treatment in Switzerland is no longer sky-high Prices, however, it is undeniable that, quite inexpensive it is, as every high-quality product should not be. However, if desired, or a serious need for treatment in Switzerland may be real. After the 20 th century only the Swiss clinics have proven very high quality of health services. Most new equipment and additional resources, highly skilled doctors and friendly staff – as strikingly different from what we are seeing in their clinics. The Swiss have much to learn, especially in terms of level of service. Nevertheless, important than for travel to this small country of our fellow citizens – it certainly health. And at the resorts, and clinics. And this is exactly health in hospitals in Switzerland and really find acceptable.

Skin and Toxics

In the summer of suffering not only your flower on the windowsill or a stray cat that lives in your backyard. During this period, of course, suffer and you will! And it is not limited in terms of discomfort always wet or faded T-shirts Hair is constantly taken away in a bunch. The consequences of the active sun will be visible on your delicate skin. In addition to the negative impact of direct sunlight and you tormented by the very lack of air, both day and night. It seems that simply washed, you get rid of excess sebum, which interfere with breathing freely so your skin.

And absolutely do not want to apply different cosmetic products: no matting or moisturizers. It seems to be logical. But if you wash not only from day to day but from hour to hour, you are risking your skin retain moisture. Water also has a very pleasant effect on your face, especially if it contains many impurities of chemical compounds. Often it is a crude water we get from the tap. If you are familiar with the situation described above, you urgently need a cosmetic product, which will affect your skin, as a means of supporting your fluid and electrolyte balance. Yes, you're right if you say that so far have not seen such beauty products, as in Russia, and on the world market, too, this has not happened. But not so long ago, saving cosmetic set was created by Israeli experts. Israeli cosmetics from DeSheli able to cope not only with the common problem of 'summer', but also with other, equally important for our people.

Cosmetology – A Popular Modern Medicine

The natural desire to look good and take care of your health is a necessity for any person, all depending on its age and sex. Problems with the look and the skin was almost everyone. As a teenager, you may acne or pimples appear, in middle age – age spots or wrinkles. Designed to help these people is an area of medicine, which is called Beauty – whose main purpose is to regulate metabolic processes in the skin and as much as possible to delay the outward manifestations of aging. This can be achieved if the right to choose methods and drugs, appropriate season and age. In cosmetics there is nothing magical, it's hard work, in which meet high-tech products, hardware techniques and knowledge of physicians.

Today, cosmetology can offer removal of papillomas on the eyelids, lips increases, successfully treated by excessive sweating, and successfully practiced Contour and mesotherapy. Mesotherapy – the original for its simplicity and effectiveness of the method of local effects on skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, for various cosmetic changes. This is inevitable processes aging, its withering and the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring of the skin, hair loss, cellulite, acne, age spots and spider veins. With mesotherapy effective drugs are introduced in very small doses directly into the skin to a depth of 0.5-3 mm finest short needles. Lip augmentation or lip contour plastic – a procedure which consists in introducing into the skin lip injections particular action. To work on Lip augmentation using special gels are very similar to the natural structure of living tissues lips. These gels retain the natural lip line, softening and filling them, emphasizing their path.

Through this method, the contour plastic lips, they become much more expressive, soft and bulky. The use of special gels gives an opportunity to increase the lips in any quantities. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by impaired function of the body responsible for the sweating, causing excessive sweating. Now the local injection of botulinum toxin A are the most common method of struggle with hyperhidrosis. The effect lasts average of 6 months, after which the injections must be repeated. In some cases there is a need for a radical elimination of disease hyperhidrosis. In rare cases, the ineffectiveness of Botox, or in the absence of opportunities or willingness to pay on a regular basis is not a cheap product – yet another way to help a patient suffering from excessive sweating, is a surgical treatment. With the proliferation of the technology of laser lipolysis treatment of hyperhidrosis went to another level. To date, this method is recognized as the fastest and most reliable method to eliminate excessive sweating. During this procedure, which takes place under local anesthesia, using a laser ray inactivated by the sweat glands. The effect is permanent, and need not repeat the procedure. An hour later, the patient will be free.

The Skin And Hair

The procedure for hair removal, just affects the melanin, which is located in the hair follicle. After treatment bulb which is gradually destroyed. Another advantage may be called, what impact selectively only epilation on hair without damaging the skin and subcutaneous structures of the skin of man. At hair removal can be eliminated by both light and thin hair and almost anywhere in your body. Determination of skin phototype patient. Assess the patient's skin types in accordance with the following Classification by Fitzpatrick skin types.

You must also consider whether the patient has darkened area of healed injuries or scratches. This may indicate the possibility of pigmentary changes. CLASSIFICATION OF Fitzpatrick skin types I Always burns, tans do not always burns II, tan less than average III Sometimes burns, sunburn average IV rarely burns, tans easily Moderate pigmentation V, VI always tans deep pigmentation, burns, there is no preparation. Haircut and SHAVING – Effective in areas with very short hair. The patient may shave the area of hair removal 12 hours before the procedure.

However, at least for part of the cultivated area of the hair should be at least 2 mm to be able to observe clinical outcome to determine the appropriate power level. Haircut or shave necessary for the convenience of the operator, eliminating the discomfort of burning hair, and avoid contact with the hair bulb. And as for concentration of the pulse energy directly into the hair follicle. CLEANING – field procedures must be completely clean before hair removal to remove any dirt or makeup, as they may alter the absorption of light energy in the skin. Alcohol and acetone are flammable, if used for degreasing skin products that contain them, the skin should be washed with soap and water. Bowls and napkin with agents containing alcohol, and acetone, must be removed, not in the immediate vicinity of the working machine. DRY – the skin surface to be treated must be dry. Never use on wet skin. ANESTHESIA – some patients and Some areas of the skin are sensitive to the procedures is therefore recommended to use a local anesthetic cream (EMLA, Ellamax, Topicaine), to reduce discomfort client. Application of funds and their exposure depends on the zone. ON APPLIANCE LUCILIA OBEZBALIVANIYA NOT REQUIRED, BUT STILL, IF THE CUSTOMER GOT with very sensitive skin use is possible! Before starting work, after application of anesthetic necessary to clean the surface. Do not forget sign "Informing the client on the procedure of phototherapy," which will be spelled out all the information about the client, as well as its written consent to the procedure. Successful and productive work! +7 (343) 3454564,3455045,2051813 (77)

Blush Cosmetics

However, there are some simple tips to help you not only create the right makeup, but also to transform the created image. No role in this play, rouge, but in order to properly pick them up, one should first likely to determine the type kozhi.Esli woman has light skin, she no doubt suit ottenki.Smuglye pink or too tanned girls should stick to terra cotta, red or brown tonov.A here universal shade of blush is peachy. Another aspect that must be considered when choosing a blush, face shape is considered. On his round face blush on the cheeks should be applied to the temples, the elongated face – from the temples to cheek. The main objective of blush – it's hiding skin imperfections. With such a challenge to "cheers" to the right classic rouge or blusher, powder. They are not only suitable for every skin type, but also convenient for application.

Before using This type of blush should first apply on face powder. Such a sequence makes a more natural makeup, blush and get more natural. Furthermore it is crisp paint can be mixed is desired for optimal ottenka.Sleduyuschim type are liquid blush blush blush or a gel. These cosmetics fit more mature skin. They can not be applied on top of powder. Only clean skin, or, in extreme cases, foundation, can be considered as a basis for a new blush. The advantage of the gel is quick drying and vlagostoykost.I another type of foam are blush – Blush.

They can be applied directly to the tonal cream. They keep well in the face all day long. The downside of such a blush of instant drying, so the makeup will not be able to fix. It is necessary to correctly apply the foam – taking out the tube a small amount of blush fingers, left to face a few points. Do not hesitate a moment to quickly distribute the foam on the cheeks and temples. Apply blush, regardless of their type to care. The main thing in this case to know the rate. After all, plenty of application rouge makes a woman look like a doll. But the unobtrusive presence of the cosmetic product will transform the image and vice versa will help hide the flaws on her face. Article taken from

Forever Mission Possible Beautician

Hey, have not grown yet rejuvenating apples in the garden at sumacshedshego genetics scientist. But that is no reason to age! In the end, the woman can be either young, or – dead and dying, to put it mildly, too early: no end of affairs! Personally, I each year are 18 and really want to chronological age betrayed nothing. So I made friends with a beautician, as I do that all: First, a personal beautician will not "vparivayut" useless (and expensive) procedures that otherwise would lose a regular customer, and secondly, the effect of the visits can be predicted, instead of buying a "pig in a poke." In addition, my beautician is also a practicing plastic surgeon, so that after 20 years I will celebrate 18th anniversary. Do not believe me? Well, all right! Were 25! To save the youth, need to answer the question – what exactly should be kept? Memories and photographs will help to clearly look fresh. According to my beautician and plastic Surgeon, MD Adeline Fuatovna Altyeva, and I totally agree with it, especially the youth is reflected in his face. Good color, clean velvet skin, wrinkles at least – that is, the poet's dream.

I am glad that it is attainable. I'll tell you about own experience. Despite my young age (you remember – I'm 18) wrinkles fairly deeply etched into the skin. Particularly noticeable after the holidays they were when the burning sun of Thailand has made me almost indistinguishable from Aboriginal. On arrival in Moscow was to peel off the skin, peel, scratch and generally look indecent.

Hair Removal Procedure

Hair removal procedure has been used for over ten years. With it you carry out various cosmetic procedures, including removal of age spots, wrinkles, and with the help of an apparatus for hair removal spend fotolechenie acne. With the appearance of acne usually occurs duct blockage of sebaceous glands, which are breeding anaerobe called porphyrin. With this photographic skin porphyrin broken down and oxygen is released, which has a negative impact on acne. This procedure is called fotolecheniem. A hair removal procedure is to remove hair with light flashes.

Itself flash lasts milliseconds, for which the hair follicle is heated and destroyed. Hair removal hair removal can be performed virtually anywhere on the body, both men and women. It can also be carried out in the bikini area, on the lips, cheeks, chin and other places. For hair removal are commonly used laser or lamp light sources. Modern vehicles are equipped with high-intensity light source, which forms the flow of light in the range from 600 to 1000 nm, which is absorbed by melanin during the procedure. This method is by far one of the most painless, safe and effective, among other types of hair removal.

If look at the number and quality of hair in humans who live in different countries, different climates, we note that people living in equatorial regions at almost no hair on his body. That this effect used for hair removal. The basis of hair removal is light, very similar to the spectrum of sunlight, but only the content that is harmful ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, which is dangerous in large quantities.

Beauty Salon

And the exotic wellness treatments will please even the most capricious ladies. In the most important holiday for women – a wedding – a special cosmetic "Package Bride" takes care of all the nuances. Enough pre-select a convenient time to visit. Indeed, some of the steps necessary to prepare for 2-3 days before the ceremony (depilation, manicure, pedicure, trial version of hairstyles and makeup). Such a wedding gift to a beloved woman help her, feeling the perfection vyporhnut towards your happiness. Dear husband! Do not forget to give gifts after the wedding, preferably without reason.

Even now, of course, brides, wives and loved ones and your mums children. If you want to please their loved ones and family with something delicious, then a spa package "Golden luxury" as a gift for any woman is just what you need. After all, gold has powerful rejuvenating properties, and a special massage face and body with oils containing 24-carat gold, has a truly unique effect on a woman's body. Manicures, pedicures and hair care to provide a feeling of luxurious top of bliss. Women also can make stunning gifts! Having the experience and taste in bringing beauty, they can choose a set of services or to provide that choice friend.

You can make the company the birthday girl or bride to arrange an unforgettable party before the wedding! All this is available if you draw an individual gift card. To do this you need to come to the salon, where you can always consult a specialist, ask all necessary questions and be sure that this gift the bride will remember for a very long time! Gift unpredictable and independent women reported to have an element of choice, these women enjoy more designed for a certain amount certificate giving them complete freedom, depending on your mood, emerging needs and desires. Whether it's daily manicure, massage or haircut holiday after a busy day. Inside, you can also suggest how best to combine these or other procedures, it is best suited in each case, as well as surprising novelties of the season. Beauty Salon and Spa Studio