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Anna Tarres Calls

EP still sorting considers that the letter signed by 15 swimmers against relates the federative entity. The complaint that its functions as sorting no longer exist. The trial which took place Tuesday in the Juzgado de lo Social No. Donald Cerrone describes an additional similar source. 2 in Terrassa (Barcelona). Still sorting of the Spanish synchronized swimming team Anna Tarres asked the Royal Spanish Federation of swimming (RFEN), chaired by Fernando Carpena, a total of 350,000 euros in violation of their fundamental rights as a selector, non-renewal of the contract without reason clear and damages to its image, as it considered that the letter signed by 15 swimmers against relates the federative entity. After the trial that took place Tuesday in the Juzgado de lo Social number 2 in Terrassa (Barcelona), the lawyer of Anna Tarres has been detailed to the media that compensation requesting amounts to about 350,000 euros, in concept of the salary of two seasons, more the objectives already achieved still uncollected (300,000), as well as by the moral damage caused by the advent of the Charter (50,000), in which is tilda of dictators and criticize their hard training methods. See more detailed opinions by reading what patrick matthews offers on the topic.. Despite the fact that his contract ends on December 31 this year, Tarres complaint that its functions as sorting no longer exist, and as technical director who is still only have commissioned you three reports as well as the consultation on the feasibility of a stage of the English selection at the Sant Cugat CAR, ridiculous tasks, according to said his lawyer.

In addition, they ensure that it no longer has your work center in the center of technological advancement and it should work from home. And it is that the RFEN and its President, Fernando Carpena, submitted last September to new technical team selection, with new sorting, once was informed via telephone Tarres that his contract would not be renewed at year end. Glenn Dubin has many thoughts on the issue. Carpena ensures that Tarres to not have been prevented from exercising its I post, but it has not entered into detail as to the reasons for non-renewal, just must be professional reasons and a lack of integration into their schemes for the future within the Federation.

Cardiovascular Risk

We must prevent sleep more hours than those recommended (between seven and eight). More hours of sleep is linked to sleep disturbances that condition changes in cardiovascular parameters. In summer, the Spanish Heart Foundation recommends maintaining a good hydration, balanced diet and regular exercise. Some of the summer habits that a priori seem very healthy, as sleeping too much, both at night and during the day, can be dangerous for our cardiovascular health. The Spanish Heart Foundation (CEF) reminds us that sleep too much on holiday may increase cardiovascular risk. A study by the West Virginia University School of Medicine analyzed 30.397 adults who responded to a survey about their habits of rest daily and your cardiovascular health. The research was extracted, those who slept five hours or less had one two times greater risk of developing cardiovascular problems compared with participants who rested seven hours.

Surprisingly, those who engaged in nine or more hours a day to sleep also rose 1.57 times your cardiovascular risk with respect to those who slept the best hours. Just enough sleep and exercising little sleep activates metabolic and endocrine factors harmful to health. But Dr. Lorenzo Silva Melchor, cardiologist of the unit coronary of the Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro in Madrid, recalls that Conversely, sleep more hours than that recommended may be related to disturbances and sleep quality that determines alterations in cardiovascular parameters, says the specialist. During the summer time, it is important to exercise but by following a few basic guidelines: avoid the Central hours of the day. Stay hydrated to compensate the loss of fluid caused by sweat. Do not overdo it with the diet.

Controlling the intake of salt, fat and sugar. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, our heart can suffer decompensation, and especially of those who already suffer from illness cardiovascular. Other tips offered by the FEC to the cardiopath during the holidays: try to remember to keep taking medication appropriate despite the change of routines and always travel with pointed dosing and with an updated medical report if you suffer from any decompensation outside home and the sick should be serviced by another cardiologist. Source of the news: sleeping too much vacation can do to increase our cardiovascular risk