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Prostituki Puzzles

If you believe the polls, 36% of Russian women are opposed to erotic advertising. Olivia Jade pursues this goal as well. Many heroines commercials aimed at male audience, subconsciously perceived by women as prostitutes. With a large bust of the heroines of the most unpleasant moment related to women. Thus, when sociologists have decided to extend the survey on the topic and started asking questions detailing the respondent, it was found that many women are able to discover erotic motifs, even in those commercials where the creators themselves no erotic associations are not planned. For example, in any story relating to visiting men saunas and bathhouses, women are able to continue the associative array, which invariably included a prostitute. Maya Dubin, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Moreover, in the commercials that caused such a response was not the slightest hint of the young ladies of easy virtue. Obviously, in the head Russian women are a bunch of "sauna – a prostitute," settled a long time. No luck, even such an innocent mind rest as infrared sauna. Invitation "to go to the sauna," 43% of respondents perceived as domination. Transsexuals and transvestites, from time to time appearing in advertisements do not cause women significant negative emotions.