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Eva Golinger

If a country has strategic interest in attention to natural resources or geographical position, must, therefore, internally have a strong opposition, both it linde with the national division. This implies the exercise of the Machiavellian assertion divided to govern, political facilitator for eventual intervention armed and institutional (UN, OAS, NATO), with the known consequences of trampling sovereign and territorial outburst. Never as an Idol’s feet of clay (the lie) has now been so powerful. 2. The body rotten: students uncovered the researcher and lawyer Eva Golinger has been years explaining the mechanics of this revolution of colors and their soft coup.

say that it of the color comes to mind by the assumption of distinctive color that each political group chooses in his country to oppose a Government labeled authoritarian or dictatorial regime, no matter it is in truth (but show it with the electoral and democratic practice), as the case of the Government of Hugo Chavez (more than one dozen of elections), is whom students and several NGOs have become the target of its operations since the time of the referendum to reform the Constitution. The soft coup, for its part, is beside the point for his attempt to weaken and disrupt the pillars of power (the State and labour forces) and neutralize the security forces, always in the context of an electoral process, m in such a way that when you touch the security forces act necessarily for maintain order public are cataloged as represoras and violadoras of human rights. And then will come to know come, the intervention of exogenous factors, real instigators of the covert and revolts within country operations. They will arrive to take their portion, that is, to eventually triumphant opposition Bill favor having sustained economically and having made the game of inadvertir the illegitimacy of their operations. The seizure of power would be payment for whom?triumphant, repeat this laurel? you have to manage the public thing under the auspices of another optics, usually of vassalage and delivery abroad.