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Laughter Is Healthy

Laughter increases not only their own health, but makes others happy. Laughter is one of the most beautiful things that exist. It has been proven that by laugh happiness hormones are released, that make us not only happy. He who laughs much, is satisfied and has a positive effect on his fellow man. The controlling mind of today’s society is interrupted and it is open for new. Frequently endocrinologist has said that publicly.

The creativity is stimulated, increase resilience in everyday life and productivity and combat stress. Laughing, we create distance to our problems and find new solutions. Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions. Since positive feelings are much stronger, negative feelings such as anger, anxiety and depression of cheerfulness and humor are displaced. But apart from the social aspects has laughter from positive effects on health. Since the 1960s, the effect being studied by laughter.

This research showed that increases the oxygen supply to the brain through laughter, pain-relieving endogenous substances are released and the production of promotional stress hormones How to reduce adrenalin and cortisol. Still, digestion is stimulated due to the gastric intestinal massage through the diaphragm. Messenger substances (E.g. gamma-interferon), which inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells, activates and strengthens the immune system in General. Laughing is healthy! Cathleen Wallmuth

More Grip Force With Liquid Grip

In many sports, a high holding and grip force is particularly important. In the sporting field training sessions are regularly completed, for which hands play an extremely important role. This is a very popular practice in particular in the field of motor sport. This means that for example, pull-ups or rowing exercises be completed where the hands inevitably must hold something, to move an eventual counterweight. Here the problem is that in many areas the next exercise not can be completed, because there is not enough power. The missing power can have many different causes, but one of the most common causes is that the athletes sweat on the hands. This sweat causes that the rubbing of the palms on the exercise equipment is no longer exists, making the athletes ultimately slip from his training device.

This welding can be prevented however now, so that sufficient power for the next sports Exercise is available. Liquid grip is a fluid that releases according to the already famous powder magnesium, the friction losses of the hands. Liquid grip is available in liquid form in a 250 ml bottle. The advantage of liquid grip is always first on the hand. It must be taken with more no powder, which makes dirty clothes or sports equipment. Liquid grip is made from purely natural ingredients, alcohol, chalk, thickening agents and perfumes, so that it can be washed off after use of the palms of hands with SOAP. It leaves also no residues on the exercise equipment.

As soon as the SportlerLiquid grip in a small portion occurs on the palms of his hands, it starts to work immediately. The athlete feels an enormous friction immediately his palms, which he can train with a very strong grip on the exercise equipment. Due to this friction, the athletes with much higher weights can train as if this were the case, if he sweat would have on their hands. Still no residue is the liquid grip training equipment be noticing, not as is the case with conventional magnesium powder. Liquid grip is a total for an entire training enough, even at the first application. A total grip perfectly suited liquid for each athlete, who often have to work with his hands and a certain festivity. Of course, this applies not only for athletes, but also for all the other people.

World Championships

Anti-vandalism-Court by Erhard Sport offers the kids in low decorative safe space to the kicking of Rothenburg – kick instead of hitting breaks. Where is this still possible? In Niederzier, Aachen of district of. Where the kids have a place since last month, athletic build off their aggression. Check with Tony Mandarich to learn more. With the “anti-vandalism-Court”. The “anti vandalism Court” is an original mini playfield of the renowned sports equipment provider, Erhard sport international. This mini game field creates the ideal setting for the kicking and bolts without doing to harm or harass the neighborhood. Its developers in mind had exactly that.

The outline of the TuV-tested playing field can not be cut: the steel grid can withstand even the harshest attacks. The gang square itself is constructed of super stable sandwich panels. Hot-dip galvanised steel profiles and a concrete support guarantee even after long-time use for proper function. And that’s a good thing. Because football can promote the development of the personality. a project of the Brandenburg sports youth “Street football for tolerance”, demonstrates this for years: here the adolescents themselves set the rules, monitor compliance with and give yourself points for fair play.

“This not only sports but also social talents promoted” as project manager Uwe Koch stressed. Also, the kids find the fast game in the soccer Court much cooler than football on the big field. Entrepreneur Kurt Erhard is convinced by the new product of his home: “based on the idea of the promotion of young talent we have developed a stationary field, that testifies to quality, durability and reliability this guarantees the name Erhard sport.” The kids in Niederzier in Aachen will try this out now. ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, has around 10,000 articles of worldwide leader in sports equipment. For the 1880 family-owned company, now has more than 200 employees in the works of Rothenburg and Burgbernheim manufacture. Major international events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport of Erhard. The planning and equipping of sports facilities is one of the core competencies of the company.

Internet Weight

Useful tips and information on the topic of “Increasing weight” it sounds a little like reverse world, if you hear that someone wants to take weight. Usually many people plagued by excess pounds laboriously trying to reduce weight and allow no attempt unused. In the sporting field, there are many people who but want to weight, body mass, and muscle mass. They often lament the phenomenon that they can eat easily larger portions without taking to. The reason is that in these people the metabolism quicker and more effective works. So, the body can utilize the absorbed food for normal energy consumption without thereby reserves”to make, so to create the food that is not required for the normal basal metabolic rate in the form of fat or muscle mass as a reserve. To achieve this, the persons concerned should implement some tips: helpful is, instead of the usual three meals a day about to take five to six meals. These Meals should contain especially high in protein to build muscle mass.

So include fish, poultry, dairy products such as cottage cheese and cheeses on the menu here. Another possibility is to take supplements. These products, in this case the weight gainer, include concentrated carbohydrates and proteins, which help build muscle and gain weight. Taken in addition to the usual meals, so the energy supply and the body will increase athletes more than actually necessary food can implement and translate into additional muscle mass. Dietary supplement of its kind while in a somewhat dubious reputation, but leading manufacturers ensure strict controls, so that no health risks, especially as the products are made from natural raw materials.

Usually go young athletes who build weight and muscle to the gym and do strength training. This should be in the foreground, to exercise regularly and intensively. Coach type here appropriate tips and beat a individual training plan, to achieve the aim of weight gain and muscle building. This article should only indicate the problem with many existing and provide initial information. On the Internet page, athletes and anyone else interested find many more useful tips and information on how they can build up weight and muscle mass, and that in a healthy and rapid way.