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Treat Anxiety Effectively

All human beings feel anxiety from time to time, is a part of life, we all know what it is to feel concern, nervousness, fear and concern. We were nervous when we have to give a speech, go to a job interview, or enters the Office of our Chief for the annual performance evaluation. We know that it is normal to feel a wave of fear when we unexpectedly see a snake or look down from the top of a building. Most people can handle this kind of feelings of anxiety pretty well and are able to move forward with their lives without much difficulty. But millions of people, 15% of the population, suffer from devastating and constant anxiety which severely affects their lives. These people experience attacks of panic, phobias, extreme shyness, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

The feeling of anxiety is a constant and dominant force that alters his life; Some are enclosed in their own homes without being able to go out to work, driving, or even go to the store. There are different forms of remedies for the anxiety ranging from drugs to medicinal plants very recommended for stress that stimulate for well-functioning nervous system. Types of disorders of an anxiety disorder anxiety affects the behavior of a person, the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. The most common anxiety disorders include the following: social anxiety or social phobia is a fear to be with other people. People who suffer from this disorder always feel self-conscious around others. They have the feeling that everybody is watching them to them.

Because anxiety is so uncomfortable, they learn to stay away from social situations and avoid contact with other people. The feeling is widespread and steady, and even happens with the people they know. Panic disorder is a condition where a person has panic unannounced attacks. Common symptoms of panic include: tachycardia trembling Palms sweaty feelings of terror chest pain or heaviness in the chest, dizziness and lightheadedness fear of dying fear go crazy fear of losing control feeling unable to catch the breath tingling in hands and feet the panic attack is followed by feelings of depression and impotence. The majority of people who have experienced the panic they say that the greatest fear is that the panic attack will happen again. Generalized anxiety disorder is very common, this disorder fills the life of a person with concern, anxiety and fear. People who have this disorder are constant thoughts such as what would happen if for every situation. An anxiety disorder treatment depends on the severity and duration of the problem. When a person is motivated by panic to try new behaviours and practise new skills and techniques, you can learn to change the way the brain responds to the thoughts and family feelings which have previously caused anxiety.