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Face Renovation With Botox

The Botox is a technique of last generation of elimination of wrinkles of the face that little by little it has gone replacing to the face aesthetic surgeries, still to lifting, as a result of his optimal derivations, minimum danger and rare effects negatives. The Botox it is extracted of a microbe. Although the bacteria they cause diseases, is had developing that certain chemical, present substances in the Botox, could contribute to improve diverse health disadvantages. The Botox one is not a cosmetic, but a medicine that it gives only, exclusively with medical prescription and it places by means of an injection in muscles to try: – Dolores of head, that 15 days subsist more or monthly. – Determined eye muscle problems (estrabismo) or the abnormal spasm of the eyelid (blefaroespasmo).

– Cervical, vertebrales Malaises (tortcolis spasmodic) – Hiperhidrosis or excessive sweat of the armpits. – Lines of expression in entrecejo. The Botox is used for some years of it forms innocuous. A began to be used like solution for the ocular muscle, and it discovered that some lines of the contour of the ocular zone also they were optimized. they did experiences that demonstrated that the Botox is innocuous and effective it stops to correct lines of the skin of the face, exactly those of area of the eye.

The wrinkles take place while a tense muscle. The Botox it applies by means of an injection in the muscle, causing that this one relaxes and that line of the skin it warns little. This procedure must realise it expert specialist, since the amounts to inject must be very small, paralyzing nothing else that the treated muscle. In the beauty parlors they are not doctors aesthetic, neurologists, ophtalmologists, nor dermatologists, who are especially enabled he stops to do this procedure. The results of the Botox last about four months; at the same time as the muscle it releases his movement, the lines of the skin they will return to being visible. The negative consequences of the Botox usually they are: – Fallen Eyelid, by weeks. – Allergic Reactions. – Symptoms similar to the influenza. – Headache. – Malaise in the stomach. – The extension of the results of the toxin that ailment causes the botulism (that it causes paralysis in the extremities, difficulties when breathing) are than little probable more if it injects the dose exact and the treatment it applies specialized doctor. If a goes to be put under an application of Botox it must to consider: – The age: between 18 and 65 years. – That the professional is expert in the subject. – procedure must be realised in medical doctor’s office in case there are disadvantages. – No to be applied Botox if it is waiting for a son or in period of maternal lactancia. – To communicate to him to professional if he suffers nervous or muscular affections, or if it is medicado.


Not to make this story very long: for half-full of the 2005 rate it was fixed to 15%, at the end of this same year one lowered to 14% and one stayed in that level until the 01 of the 2007 March of date in which one lowered to 11% for, finally, the 01 of past Julio paid attention to his present value: announced 9% along with the promise that this reduction would make to go down the inflation in " at least 3 points porcentuales" and &quot would leave frees an assumption surplus into the hands of the consumers of a few; billones" of Bolivars and this it is either a lie but that can hide-and-seek somehow using many technical and economic numbers and accounts and arguments but or we will clarify a little ahead to it the more It is not the case of the other lie that is more obvious: " Now everything is but barato" no, is not it, the truth is that everything follows costing the same, simply that the government is going to put the hand in our pockets with just a little bit more of gentleness. But not more history. The IVA is " plus" that it is received on the base of the price of or or service that we are paying and its amount in each specific case is the turn out to multiply this price by the aliquot one, and what it has lowered is the aliquot one, not the price If, one is truth that now " it is going to pay menos" that before but that does not mean that the prices are smaller, on the contrary, in many cases they have increased eating in the way the waited for effect of this reduction in the rate of the tax. .