Stanford University

His name is Mark Zuckerberg, and is the co-founder of Facebook, its super history to become a billionaire is the basis for the hit movie The Social Network. With regard to his thought and its capacity to become a millionaire said: young people are more intelligent, in an audience of Stanford University in 2007. He began to Facebook from his Harvard bedroom in 2004 as a sophomore. It is now a 26-year-old philanthropist, recently made a $100 million donation to the Newark school district in the State of New Jersey. The career and fame of the Zuckerberg young and, of course, his fortune make it a fascinating read for any story. But the truth is its not spectacular history, moreover, is quite common in all United States, where every year, many entrepreneurs make their first million before reaching those of 25 years of age, some while still in high school. Some would say that you need vision, intelligence, determination and a little luck for achieve prosperity.

This kind of prosperity of course. The truth is that if you don’t have that, you can then create that that requires. No matter where, no matter what or what you have. You can develop all the skills you need to become a millionaire. Could how long it become a millionaire? Many millionaires, formerly, leads them all a life build your fortune.

They were Mark Zuckerberg enough four years, since it launched in February 2004 along with other fellow of Harvard University a site to make friends online, build a fortune of more than 1,300 million you dedolares. 1,300 million dollars. Go, do not you walk with games this. That was for 2007, Forbes magazine recently estimated that his fortune is more than 6,900 billion dollars. Now well because not start with one or two million within a year two. If the he made more than one billion dollars in four years, do you not think that it is possible to construct for yourself some two million dollars in that time or less time? What should I do? You will wonder. First thing you should do is to develop an awareness of wealth, of power and ability. To do that, I recommend the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt. Then you already have that consciousness determines how much money you want, determine for how much you want determine what is what you want to do and then set a goal. Again the secret of the power of the Metaslo guide with firm steps towards his life of wealth, success and power. Your thinking must be, if one could, I also.