Stages Of Construction Of Wooden Houses

In the xxi century, however, as before – in the fashion wooden houses. Wooden house of cleaner, safer, material special treatment gives the wood overstrength, construction costs are relatively inexpensive. In addition, always a pleasure to feel harmonious part of nature rather than panel-brick product of civilization. Once in the wooden house, once you feel more energetic, let alone spending time in it constantly, and will be vigorous, and healthy! Finally you want warm and comfortable to live in the walls made of natural material, in general – conceived to build a wooden house. What do I do next? Like any other, the construction of wooden houses should start with a project.

First, think – what you are building a house: a place of permanent residence or summer cottage, guest house or a room for presentations, meetings? Next, select a project: a model or your own. Pluses own project – originality and the ability to meet any of your family. Cons – decent cash costs and the risk of "falling" for insufficient qualified architect. The architect is not worth saving. As shown practice, it is better to choose the middle: a model project, plus the possibility of making amendments in conjunction with a good architect. Then, "inscribed" project into the surrounding landscape and focus on the cardinal not to get so in the bedroom constantly stuffy, and in the nursery – cold. Home construction begins with the foundation. An explicit plus wooden houses – the admissibility of repair and replacement of some of the foundation.

Under the wooden houses are laid three types of basement: slab, ribbon and bar. The next stage of construction – the choice of material. The house can be cut by hand, constructed of corrugated, laminated veneer lumber or logs. After graduating from production log, it is delivered to the site and assembled. Difficult stage – the installation of a roof. To her, everything was in order, you must choose a material that is easy to repair. Strength, fire resistance, waterproof roofing and beauty are also important. As for interior wooden house, it can be done at the highest level: the walls can be painted, tiled, plastered, finished in wood, drywall and any other material. Interior wood house can compete with the interior of the apartment with renovated, but do not forget about their own beauty of wood.