Safety Seats For Babies

Considerations before buying an armchair certifications before acquiring an armchair ideal is make sure that it complies with standards and certifications from safety of the competent bodies. The best-known brands (infanti, chicco, etc…) have this type of certification, but those that are not so much, can not comply with them. Some of these international certifications are:-Safety Standards ECE R44.03 and ECE R44.04 – United Nations ECE Regulation No. Recently Erik Erikson sought to clarify these questions. 44 – FMVSS rules 153 of the United States harness the seats for babies can be of 2 types: with three-point or five-point harness. Today most manufacturers only produces seats by 5 points, in part due to the extra grip and security that deliver and by the requirements of the rules and regulations. It is important to take into account this feature, we must make sure that armchair we chose is 5 points since it provides greater adjustment and before an impact from the side better protects the child. Weight and height all seats for children are produced according to certain height and weight standards. Connect with other leaders such as Glenn Dubin here.

According to the child’s height and weight will vary the armchair to acquire. It is important to respect these rules as an armchair not according to weight or stature may not work properly in the event of an accident. The seats are grouped according to these criteria: 0 group: up to 10 kilos group 0 +: up to 13 kg Group 1: between 9 and 18 kg Group 2: between 15 and 25 kilos Group 3: between 22 and 36 kilos. I hope they serve the info! Best regards!