Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Treatment )

In the case of avoiding the "removal of a nerve" not very important to have root canal treatment according to the method for maximum reliability result. In our clinic we have all the necessary equipment and materials: radiovisiograph, high apekslokator (see Fig. 1), isolation for a tooth – a cofferdam, etc. If a tooth requires treatment with the previously removed "nerve" with granuloma (foci) at the root, we can save him. Root canal treatment, we realize how to use hand tools and machinery (SMART). Problem of dental treatment are: 1.

Open and clear of germs and residues of the nerve root of the whole system. 2. Sealing the root canals and, thus, not give bacteria the opportunity to travel from the root canal in the bone and back. The advantage of Ni-Ti (nickel-titanium) – rotating machine tools that Ni-Ti is very strong in bending, can take any natural shape of the channel and carefully expanding it allows special solutions and materials to penetrate into the smallest tubules of any shape, cleaning them from bacteria and residues of the nerve to prepare for the next step – sealing. This method maximizes the retention of dental hard tissue, without altering the strength and reliability of the tooth, as well as the most tightly sealed root canals, as a result creates the preconditions for long-term Service tooth. Modern dentists around the world at the moment chosen for the sealing of gutta-percha channels. Gutta-percha – a natural, biologically compatible with the tissues of human body material. When treating teeth, we use modern diagnostic devices (apekslokator and computer radiovisiograph), allowing properly and securely seal the root canals.