Positions Of Power

All we intend to win from the position of power, however, often wins from weakness. We must remember that the parties often leave the positions of hard when they see weakness and this is a golden opportunity for the alleged weak … Another tip would by listening … The possibilities are greatly enhanced listening and questioning before talking compulsively and unnecessarily … And finally , do not waste your time if you is impossible to reach a satisfactory agreement! In relation to the golden rules, Alba Alamillo gives us the following: One: We must negotiate before closing the deal. If one agrees to buy a product, after paying the seller says. "I can do a discount? Obviously we know the answer.

Two: We must seek the common good, that is, not to be intransigent, because usually we have a greater affection for the opposing party than by what is being negotiating, and if not, we must try to be as fair as possible. Three: The trading methods should lead to a smart and fair agreement for both parties. Four: An effective negotiation should improve the relationship between the parties, that is, there should be no resentment because one person felt that the other party has abused its position. Five: A grand bargain must be lasting, by this we mean that the negotiations should cover and provide mostly all new items will appear in the future to reach an agreement if that is the situation or the situation B. A Do not wait to come to new situations have to seek new agreements.

Yet there are many times you can not anticipate all future situations that may come to submit, then it is better to wait and negotiate happen again. Six: We see the common good, is very common for people in the negotiations does not want to assume positions and change them even if they are for the common good because it involves a blow to his ego sagging. Concluding remarks Take into account what was stated on that negotiation, negotiate specifically has the following meanings: Set the transfer, assignment or endorsement of a voucher, an effect or a letter. Trade and commerce, buying and selling or changing genres, goods or values to increase the flow. Treating public or private affairs trying his best achievement. Dealing diplomatically, of power to power a matter, as a treaty of alliance, * Reference: wharton.universia.net environment .- .–empresarial.com elblogsalmon.com