Polimedel And Biological Action

Exacerbation of chronic diseases are possible. Withdrawal of chronic inflammatory process revives the nervous system. Pain sensitivity can be restored before complete recovery. Use Polimedel the whole family. Put the tape in an envelope of dense natural fabric. Action Polimedel extends to a depth of 10-14 cm Overlay it You can either party on the body, the bandage or plaster. The film can be cut to any configuration. No age restrictions. Application polimedela first electrets were studied Japanese physicist Eguti in 1919. To date, time they have been well studied and widely used in engineering. Studies of biological properties of electrets began with some 60’s. In many biological structures found electret properties, which play significant role in their functioning. Revealed the influence of static electric fields produced by electret on biological structures.

Currently, under the electret understand insulator, long preserves the electrical charges of different or the same sign. There are many ways of electrification of electrets in which specific insulators retain electrical charges from a few days to a few tens of years. To date, very broad application in engineering found the polymer electrets, which are electrified thin polymer films of thickness 3-50 microns. For example, most of the microphones in the modern audio equipment and telephone handsets made on the basis of polymer electrets. Occupy a special place electrets in biology and medicine. This is an area in which the electrets not yet found wide application biophysical phenomena. An interesting application of electrets due to the production of materials with antithrombogenic properties of the surface.