Parts In Water

It is a form of natural birth, where his main element is water, provides excellent results in low-risk pregnant women. In this type of labor is not used drugs or anesthesia, as the water birth and Lamaze relaxation and diminish the pain of childbirth. Water birth in the mother receives her child in a pool or tub with water especially maintained at body temperature. The child is born in water, avoiding the traumatic experience when switching from one environment to another. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR WOMEN The hot water is a natural analgesic, is antispasmodic: heat relaxes muscles and helps one hand to the uterus to contract effectively to dilate the cervix with adequate oxygenation. The warm water during labor reduces the production of adrenaline, a hormone that interferes with the progress of dilation, counteracting gravity and decrease sensory stimulation, increasing the production of endorphins, opiates produced by the anterior pituitary, which decrease the sensation of pain and makes you forget the time. Weightlessness and the freedom to move inside the tub to avoid compression of the uterus on the vena cava. Able to adopt a variety of positions such as squatting facilitates rotation and fall because the birth canal increased by 30 its diameter to be freely tilted coccyx. Immerse your body in hot water and second stage in a physiological position to give birth, permits and facilitates the relaxation of muscle tissue and thus decreases or avoids the risk of tearing of the pelvic floor, in addition to not having any emotional block environmental or shortening the period, since it leaves the descent take the time and not encouraged to bid until the desire to appear naturally. The hot water and a suitable environment stimulated an evolution of labor more comfortable where she feels safe, she drives her own party which reduces the possibility of action, unused medication, oxytocin, was not broken membranes and thus decreasing the possibility of fetal distress during labor that develops physiologically. Underwater childbirth can result in less loss of blood from the mother in childbirth. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR THE CHILD The decline in the baby through the birth canal is soft, soft in a canal without pressure gradient oxytocic altering natural contraction and thus the pace and oxigenatorio baby’s heart. The baby is accustomed to immersion in the amniotic fluid enters and leaves in direct contact with an environment that is familiar from non-violently. The first extension of arms legs and torso in half makes it warm, soft and pleasant. Maintains apnea as in intrauterine life, the encounter with the air, breathing air, light and noise is slow and can resolve the changes easing the trauma of birth. Once you leave the body in seconds the infant is placed on the womb, she gives a gentle massage, both in the water burst out walking his instinct of attachment, while the cord is still beating and supplying oxygen to baby until it starts to breathe on his own. When the infant is in a colder light begins to breathe with groans and collapse mourn the cord breaks and initiates a rhythmic breathing, and not until then you must cut the cord. These babies are calmer, have better muscle strength development, reduced irritability, lower incidence of disease during the first year of life that relate to stress and diminished immunity, the latter must also see that a mother to stop this as respects the natural cycle of maternity nursing her baby usually during the first year of life. In these births the father also benefits greatly because in principleis respected as the other star of what is happening, the birth of their son, he participates as the main provider of affection, to establish the enabling environment for making joint decision and contact physically, emotionally and spiritually with your partner, your son and his new family. WHAT ARE THE RISKS OF BIRTH IN WATER The water birth poses no additional risk to mother and child.