Laughter Is Healthy

Laughter increases not only their own health, but makes others happy. Laughter is one of the most beautiful things that exist. It has been proven that by laugh happiness hormones are released, that make us not only happy. He who laughs much, is satisfied and has a positive effect on his fellow man. The controlling mind of today’s society is interrupted and it is open for new. Frequently endocrinologist has said that publicly.

The creativity is stimulated, increase resilience in everyday life and productivity and combat stress. Laughing, we create distance to our problems and find new solutions. Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions. Since positive feelings are much stronger, negative feelings such as anger, anxiety and depression of cheerfulness and humor are displaced. But apart from the social aspects has laughter from positive effects on health. Since the 1960s, the effect being studied by laughter.

This research showed that increases the oxygen supply to the brain through laughter, pain-relieving endogenous substances are released and the production of promotional stress hormones How to reduce adrenalin and cortisol. Still, digestion is stimulated due to the gastric intestinal massage through the diaphragm. Messenger substances (E.g. gamma-interferon), which inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells, activates and strengthens the immune system in General. Laughing is healthy! Cathleen Wallmuth