Innovative Dental Medicine

Denture quickly and cost-effectively fixed dentures fast and inexpensive – TIMPs fixed no matter whether full or partial denture, a new technology from the United States makes it possible. No cuts, no seams, no expensive surgery! Purchase Este and fixed dental prostheses thanks to proven technology. The secret: Mini implants (TIMPs ), titanium fumbling, taking over the function of the missing teeth. TIMP Inserierter (inserted) mini PIN is an abbreviation for Transginigival (through the gums). By the same author: Cardinal Health. Dentist Dr. Forstner from Burgau / Swabia is specialised in this technology. A suitability investigation with a radiographic measurement of jaw ensures that the mini-implants can fulfill their function.

To give back containing a loose denture, several mini screw used, under local anaesthesia, no bleeding and no pain in the jaw. The prosthesis is adjusted in the same session. Counterparts, like push buttons, are in the Fitted prosthesis. They then sit on the mini implants and securely fix the prosthesis and kaufest. Titanium bolts used in trauma surgery for decades. Now, this proven technique in the orthodontics was adopted.

By eliminating a burdensome OP, the risk is significantly reduced. Since only a local anesthetic is necessary and also not large open wounds over longer periods of time to heal, the procedure for elderly patients. The treatment is much less expensive than with conventional implants. Stone clinical laboratories usually is spot on. The several-month healing time is spent here completely! The prosthesis is now resilient without restrictions. Mr. Dr. Forstner over 1,200 TIMPs has used successfully in about 200 patients. Some patients have TIMPs for over 5 years. The TIMPs were 90% transgingival, i.e. through the gum advertised (installed) and immediately charged. In approximately 80% of cases, the existing dentures could be used again, a not too underestimated cost factor. In addition, an existing gag reflex can be eliminated by the reduction of the maxillary denture. Convince yourself of the simplicity of the procedure. For the first time we present the TIMPs in Munich each Prince Regent on the Angel of peace, Ismaning road 42-44, 81675 Munich April 6, 2008, on the patient information days on Saturday 5th and Sunday 9 am 5 pm in the lecture room of the hotel. On the 60Plus-Messe (Friday, 11 to Sunday, 13 April 2008 in the M, O, C, events Centre Munich-Freimann, Lilienthalallee 40, 80939 Munich/Germany, daily from 10 to 17 hrs) we also introduce the TIMPs process in collaboration with DKV on a joint stand. More information: smile and bite GbR Wolfgang of Amit Ichenhauserstrasse 17 D-89358 Kammeltal Tel.