Ideally Plan

And so are training here on clear rules of the plan. The objectives are divided into short and long term. For example, short-term – ‘increase in weight of the barbell bench press lying down with 90 kg now up to 105 kg per month ‘, and long-term -‘ Ideally I would like to have a volume of 42 cm biceps, and to this end I have 3 years’. And then a clear plan in his diary, by what means do you plan to achieve this. Solution: Get in training diary pages devoted exclusively to planning. Constantly compare performance, analyze and draw conclusions.

Keep in mind in terms of periods of particularly intense work, study, vacation, holidays, etc. and Do not forget to reward yourself for achieving this goal, such as buying new clothes. Error 7. Too much enthusiasm. Often it is necessary to observe the following picture: beginner, obsessed with the early conversion of himself into the likeness of Apollo, foolishly begins to train every day (and sometimes twice a day) during the month, while not completely exhaust their minds and will not stop the body’s energy reserves.

As a result, he defeatism says: ‘If I do after this amount of time spent in the hall, got nowhere, so all these guys are always hefty sit on steroids and his alibi for something talk about healthy and clean sport. ” And this, alas, not uncommon. In fact, too frequent training may have the opposite effect. The average period of muscle recovery was 48 hours are not uncommon, and 72 hours. The critical factor here acts heredity, stress, and pour you or not. Solution: Come to the hall sleep well and rested. Train in a day, but if you do not have time to recover from the last workout, you can add more one day of rest. But not only deluding themselves. For here lies the trap that the author of these lines and he found himself. When we solve miss training because of the laziness of the unit, we camouflage fatigue non-existent. It leads to the fact that you did stop the deal. Ps I wish you to achieve the desired dates earlier than you have outlined.