Government Garages In Moscow

Prices for these garages start at 150 thousand rubles, reaching the mark of 500. Choosing this option should evaluate a number of risks associated with this type of garage First. Land in Moscow going up by leaps and bounds and not looking at it in a free (or not) is an acute shortage of space. In this regard, the Government Moscow, with the support of representatives of the bourgeoisie and the hook is not true struggle for the liberation of the new areas to build shopping malls and other lucrative infrastructure of the city. Accordingly, many cheap apartment for sale, often located in areas where the fate is sealed. Therefore, before buying the garage should be checked, and not for demolition in the near future whether the intended area of the hsc. This information often can be found in the prefecture.

The second risk choosing a garage of a class is safety. Most often, in such a garage, a group of anti-theft vehicle consists of a grandfather retired armed handle collection Scanwords. Here you need reasonable approach to the question of sufficient and necessary level of security. F Araj in multi-storey parking garage (box, closed parking place) almost always have a good legal foundation and an adequate level of protection. Most often it is well established businesses with a staff of maintenance personnel, a platoon of guards, traffic system and as a consequence of high-performance expenditure (from 200 to 1000 rubles per month). The cost of such tidbits ranging from 800 thousand to 1.5 million rubles.