Gluten Free Diets

The gastronomia without glten Kayane Mateus Hotelaria 2011/1 the gastronomia is a branch that encloses the culinria, the drinks, the used materials in the feeding in general. With this, the gastronomia has ampler branch of what the culinria, that if occupies more specifically with the techniques of confections of foods. From the search of customers for more healthful foods and without the addition of glten, we are providing to these vegetarian cardpios customers and without glten. More after all what he is glten? What it can cause? Which are the symptoms? Glten represents 80% of the protein of the wheat, and is responsible for a elasticity of the mass. The celaca illness affects to the thin intestine of adults and children.

The illness cause atrophy of the vilosidades of the mucosa of the thin intestine, with this causing damages in the absorption of the nutrients, vitamins, you leave minerals and water. Already the vegetarians do not ingest nothing of animal origin, only of vegetal origin, making with that the search for these cardpios is restricted the houses of events. For the elaboration of these cardpios it is necessary to have knowledge of the white public, the culture, the region, and thus the proposal of cardpios for the vegetarians it would be: FATS, OILS AND CANDIES. It rare uses candies, butter, maionese, oil of kitchen. GROUP OF MILK, YOGHURT AND CHEESE.

2-3 daily portions vegetal milk (oats, sesame etc.) – 1 xcara beanses or peas, stews – 1/2 xcara 1 egg or 2 clear of egg caipira nuts or seeds – 2 soup spoons tofu (cheese of no-transgnica soy) – 1/4 xcara. GROUP OF VEGETABLES AND cooked or raw VEGETABLES 3-5 daily portions, perforated vegetables – 1/2 xcara vegetal raw folhosos – 1 xcara. GROUP OF FRUITS 2-4 daily portions juice – 3/4 of xcara dry fruits – 1/4 of xcara raw fruit, pricked – 1/2 xcara 1 fruit of average size, as banana, apple or orange. GROUP OF the BREAD, FLAKES OF CEREAL, RICE AND PASTA 6-11 daily portions form bread – 1 slice cereal in flakes – 30 g r cooked cereal – 1/2 xcara cooked rice, pasta or other cereals – 1/2 xcara. Already for the customers whom tolerance to glten has, we indicate cardpios with many vegetables, and nothing that had wheat flour, as for example: Mini entrances baguete with tomatoe gravy and mussarela of buffalo; Small bread with eggplant pate; Hot plate Ravili of buffalo with Ravili spinach of Talharim chicken with tomatoe gravy integral Rice Pancakes of bata/te the Nhoque de Ricota Saladas varied Desserts Romeu Pie and julieta potato Pudding candy with Fl coconut of chocolate s lactose and s/glten Musse of candy Cookies milk. With the conclusion of this work we obtain to identify that the search for these cardpios is growing, the search of the people in thus having a more healthful life with new a proposal of events becoming the life accessible and satisfactory, and making the fidelizao too much customers.