Freebie SeEr

People's love for "freeloading" is truly boundless. The word "free" makes the heart-stopping even the richest people, to say nothing of those who think that every penny. Michael Miccoli shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And no proverb about "free cheese in a mousetrap" and "for All you have to pay "does not stop wanting to grab a slice, as used to say about the cartoon owl from Winnie the Pooh" for free, then there is nothing! ". A leading source for info: Maya Dubin. I will not go into the reasons for the love of darmovschine is a topic of another conversation. I would like to now a closer look at what really happens when a person gets to the "free lunch" and that we get from this. The wisdom of the people are always embedded in its language … The word "infinite charge", according to famous psychologist Valeria Sinelnikov, speaks for itself.

But we are not so easily intimidated by demons. We are not dense savages! That in ancient times, it was decided to blindly believe "the precepts of their ancestors." In our time, a person need to know causes of the phenomena. And the reason no one points out. Let's try to understand ourselves, what is a freebie, what these "demons" in it and laid why sages of the past shunned the descendants of free lunch. Everyone has heard that nature does not abhors a vacuum. And what if there's departed – so arrive immediately, and vice versa, the balance will be restored. This law – the law of conservation of matter (matter, energy) controls everything in our world, and we submit to him as well as any creation of evolution.