Caucasus Mountains

For this work Fyodor was awarded an academic prize. By the time of arrival of fa in the Batalin "Caucasian calendar" was published by famous geologist gv "Explanation of the geological section of northern slope of the Caucasus mountain range from Elbrus to Beshtau, which was given a thorough analysis physico-chemical properties of water and mineral sources have established that their formation with geological structures area. fa Batalin praised the findings , but expressed some serious criticisms. Interesting arguments leads Batalin about the formation of mineral deposits and sources of Pyatigorsk. Having studied the topography of surrounding areas, the depth of the individual geological structures, and as rainfall, the researcher showed that Pyatigorsk sources can not eat only rainwater falling on the mountain Mashuk and its neighboring mountains Beshtau, Bald and Snake. Pyatigorsk sources he wrote, get their water from far away, most likely from the west and south, from the Caucasus Mountains. Conclusion Batalin was brilliantly confirmed in further studies.

fa Batalin boldly recommended that artificially drained resources and withdraw mineral water piped from the bottom, preventing pollution in the upper soil layers and provides a steady rate. Today, the majority of sources in the Caucasian Mineral Waters and at other resorts drained boreholes, wells and some mineral water brought from a depth of several hundred or even thousands of meters. Although fa Batalin was not a physician and medical observation is not consistent with its research, he succeeded on the basis of interviews with doctors and medical records to describe the methods of therapeutic use of mineral waters and testimony to their destination.