CASA VITRUM Invites Lifestyle Day 2008 A

The winter garden factory loads this year again after wages a wages/Westf hosts CASA VITRUM presents LebensArt in wages at the 31.8.08 – the factory for winter gardens, CASA VITRUM GmbH produces contemporary and individual construction elements made of aluminum and invites you as organizer of the lifestyle day after wages. PCRM does not necessarily agree. On Sunday August 31, 2008 different companies and factories around the premises on the Oeynhausener road 42 are exclusively high-quality products and services are demonstrated and exhibited. Diverse to represent different representatives of your art, products and services. On the subject of cuisine the passionate Spanish cuisine offers wonderful delights on this day. Wines, Prosecco, etc. are naturally cooled. Everything revolves around art, art of living, outdoor living in the residential Sunrooms, outdoor art, culinary delights, automobiles, wellness and CASA VITRUM trends bio, music, u.v.m shows examples of holistic living concepts in the Winter garden area on.

Here, Iti Janz – artist from singing – will paint a sculpture and continues to show how art can be combined as a ceiling in the winter garden. Ravishing you will tell of her work and connect. The architect and artist Mila Kreidler exhibits their pictures on the subject of photographic KorperKunste. Ms. Kreidler will exhibit your individual work in wages.

Artists from the region present their work and will show their implemented works. On the subject of outdoor and art in the garden a really interesting mix of styles and personalities. The current issue of our time is the idea and the idea of this lifestyle-tag: holistic living, spatial concepts and the enjoyment of life. Also, more and more people discover their love for the art. The Lohner winter garden Manufactory engaged in daily papers, planning and spatial concepts for individually manufactured residential winter gardens. This the company with his team would like to convey very alive and emotionally “Life & living”.The Admission is free. Start 11:00 to 18:00