Carpe Diem

You decide how to act and build your destiny. You’ve received a good or bad your parent’s education. Also other influences have marked some footprints in you. But you’re still responsible for your mistakes and successes. You’re the only protagonist of your life and you choose your own path. Simply no one is determined by the conditions which lived you.

The character is not decided by parents who were taken. Nor is it by teachers that he had in childhood. And even for books that has been read throughout life. The man decides and because of that are prompted for account for their actions. Otherwise it would be meaningless to do so. If it was reasonable to say or think that everyone is a consequence of the medium that had him live there should be no prosecutions or punishments. James A. Levine, M.D. will not settle for partial explanations.

Sense to not judge anyone. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Glenn Dubin. Because everyone would have to be acquitted no matter how serious were their crimes. No one would be guilty of anything, the liability would be the environment and society. By human beings of the same era or nation heaps they would have the same behavior. Or at least the children educated in the same family would be equal. They would not have any choice of those who were born in poor families. Not fight since nothing can be changed. Everything, according to this idea, already it is determined in advance by the media. Therefore, human behaviour would be completely predictable. Already would know who would be the next assassins, thieves, geniuses, politicians, doctors, etc. It should not ask opinion about nothing to no one. You would already be known beforehand to know the conditions to which it was subjected. However, fortunately, the medium does not determine anyone. You’re the product yourself. For this reason you will have responsibility for your actions. But poderte also with all the merit of your success and good deeds.